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Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 7-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.


Root Chakra ( 396 Hz )


Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae, the root chakra is responsible for your sense of safety and security on this earthly journey. When Root Chakra is Unbalanced - you may experience anxiety disorders, fears, or nightmares. Physical imbalances may manifest as problems in the colon, with the bladder, or with lower back, leg, or feet issues.

Sacral Chakra ( 417 Hz )

Wipes out all the Negativity

Svadhishthana is located near the coccyx (tailbone), two finger-widths above the Muladhara chakra. Its corresponding point in the front of the body is the pubic bone. When Sacral Chakra is Unbalanced - you may experience fear of pleasure and deny yourself from the things that can make you feel good, emotional dryness or disconnection or have problems adapting to change.

Solar Plexus Chakra ( 528 Hz )

Repairs DNA & Brings Positivity

The Solar Plexus Chakra is a center of personal strength, learning and comprehension. It guides you through life by creating a strong sense of self, setting personal boundaries and building self esteem and willpower. LOCATION : Upper abdomen in the stomach area.

An unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra can threaten your self confidence, and invite concerns about what others think of you.

Heart Chakra ( 639 Hz )

Harmonize Relationships

Throat Chakra ( 741 Hz )

Detox Body & Soul 

Third Eye Chakra ( 852 Hz )

Connect to Higher-Self

Heart Chakra is called Anahata in Sanskrit. The literal Sanskrit translation of "anahata" is "unhurt, unstuck, or unbeaten." The Heart Chakra is perfectly situated in the middle of your body, balancing the world of matter (lower three chakras) with the world of spirit (upper three chakras).

Also known as the 5th, or Throat Chakra, the vishuddha (or vishuddhi) is the centre that governs our speech and creative expression in the world. It’s balance will determine how honest you are, and how well you can express yourself with the people around you. It is through this chakra that we speak our choices and through this, we discover that our choices, no matter how small or unimportant that they may seem, have consequences. It is located at the base of the throat, in the V that is formed in the center of the collarbone.

Extraordinary intellect, intuition, wisdom, and spiritual insight are available to everyone -- but few of us even begin to tap our profound potential. Clearing and balancing your sixth chakra can help you tap into these vast capacities. The sixth of the seven chakras, the Third Eye is also called the brow chakra, or Ajna in Sankrit. It governs our intellectual and intuitive abilities and our potential for spiritual awareness.

Crown Chakra ( 963 Hz )

Pineal Gland Activation

Also known as the 7th or Crown chakra, the Sahasrara is sanskrit for “the lotus flower of 1000 petals”. It’s located at the top of our head, and it is our connection to The Divine

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